1. Jumbo Mum flower measures approx 12" across
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  2. You can add your favorite animal print or color to any mum
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  3. Customize your mum with your favorite character
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  4. One style of the Custom Sash mum
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Classymums has been designing affordable "Classy" homecoming mums and garters in the north Texas area for 21 years.  With classymums you have 100's of trinkets to choose from, endless custom braided chains and ribbon choices and a designer to help you create your homecoming heirloom. 
The Classic mums start at $60.00 
the classic garters start at just $40.00
All school colors are available.


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Yard Signs for all

Star Mum
with Lights

Texas Themed

Classymums offers you many options
  • Finger Mums
  • Pee Wee Mums & Pee Wee Garters
  • Jr Mums
  • Single Mums & Gartets
  • Double Mums & Garters
  • Triple Mums & Garters
  • Quad Mums & Garters
  • Star Mums & Garters
  • Custom Styles
  • Custom Lettering
          and much More

New for 2019 will be the
DELUXE and the GLAM mums